Data driven

about ncs

NCS specializes in advanced linear intelligence solutions

Who we are

It's easy to hire someone to write a simple snip of code to solve a simple problem. But serious companies need serious solutions that are both smart and flexible. This is our specialty. In fact, our proprietary linear intelligence system is the heart of who we are.

What we do

We are not your average developer. In fact, we do very little developing at all. When you need to handle massive chunks of data in smart and efficient ways and simply can't get a handle on how to interpret it or use it to your advantage, we'll step in and custom fit our technology to your needs.

Why Choose Us

If you need quality results that are above and beyond what other companies are capable of achieving, you need Neurocore Systems. We're the solution for when your problem is too much to handle for other developers. We're the solution for when you need to compete with industry giants.

our services

We license our technologies, which includes full technical support and installation.

install and manage

We install and manage our proprietary Advanced Linear Intelligence System (ALIS) for you, tailoring its input and output to suit your needs. You get a dedicated team built right into the licensing team, taking the worry and pain out of the process of pushing your systems to the next level.

tweak and maintain

As your business changes, so does ALIS, and we'll guide "her" along the way. The most important thing is that the data suits you, and that's what we deliver. What does this extra attention cost? Nothing extra. It's all built into the licensing.

motivate and achieve

ALIS is so powerful that your in-house developers will be empowered to create more, design better, and push your technology and offerings to new heights. This inspires us to continue improving ALIS, which creates a positive feedback loop accelerating your business well into the future before the future has even arrived!

affordable licensing

For a fraction of the cost of developing and maintaining your own linear intelligence system, you get an established and proven product backed by an experienced and focused team of developers who are best-in-class. Licensing fees can be paid daily ($500), weekly ($3400), monthly ($14,000), or annually ($170,000) according your financial requirements.

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